Kellsport Products is the leading distribution warehouse for  WOOLWAX® aerosol and Woolwax® pails and drums. We ship to Woolwax® Dealers, Undercoaters, and auto parts stores all over the country. Ask your local dealer if they carry WOOLWAX®.

WOOLWAX® is a much more viscous (thicker) lanolin/woolgrease formula. Because WOOLWAX® is thicker, it is much more resistant to wash-off. If your vehicle is used for commercial purposes, or you are located in any area with long periods of road slush, we recommend WOOLWAX® because it is a heavier grade lanolin formula.

WOOLWAX® can be easily applied by using the undercoating guns offered by kellsport products. These guns were developed specifically for the waxy texture of lanolin/woolgrease undercoatings. All that is needed is any compressor capable of 70-90 psi.

WOOLWAX® was developed to have almost no smell at all.

Question: So what is the difference between and WOOLWAX® and other lanolin based corrosion products

Answer:   The appearance is almost identical (straw colored). The primary difference is 1) WOOLWAX® has almost no smell. We have neutralized the strong woolgrease odor. 2) WOOLWAX® is formulated to be much thicker, making it more resistant to wash-off. Because WOOLWAX® is thicker,  you will notice much less over-spray, and a cleaner shop area.

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Shipping is free to almost all locations in Canada. Please keep in mind that we are shipping from the USA and all orders need to clear customs. Please expect delivery in about 5-8 business days. (sometimes more, sometimes less). If you are really in a hurry for the product, we have no way to expedite or guarantee a firm delivery date.Please give yourself enough time. We have arranged to "pre-clear" electronically all our shipments with Canada Customs and it works extremely well

This Woolwax® site is for shipments of Woolwax® rust prevention and auto undercoat products to any location in CANADA. 

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