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Woolwax® Spray Can Kits. Straw(clear), or Black. You choose. 4 can, 6 can, or 12 can.

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If you don't have a compressor, you can still treat your vehicle with Woolwax®   . We are now offering a Woolwax® aerosol spray can undercoating kit. This includes a conversion trigger made to fit the Woolwax® 12 oz can, that turns the spray can into a spray gun. Also included in a 24" extension wand with a 360° nozzle to get inside the doors and tight spots.

Available in both Straw(clear) and Black.  The Straw is a "honey" like color, but appears pretty much clear when applied.

The spray can application will not go on quite as thick and viscous as the bulk product (gallons/pails) but it will certainly provide adequate protection. This kit is especially good for people that may not live in the heavy snow and ice areas, but still want to protect their vehicles, boat trailers, outdoor equipment and more. The conversion kit can be used with or without the extension wand. Kits are available with 4 ,6, or 12 cans of 12 oz. Woolwax® spray cans.

Woolwax® is much more than the best performing vehicle undercoating product. Woolwax® aerosol spray cans are used to protect all kinds of outdoor power equipment such as trailers, lawn mowers, snow throwers, chain saws, and more. Woolwax® lanolin 12 oz. spray cans are inexpensive and easy to use. So before you put your snow thrower or trailer away for the season, be sure to put it to bed for the season with a good coating of Woolwax®. Before you dunk your boat trailer in the water this spring, protect the trailer and all electrical connections with Woolwax®. 

Shipping is free to almost all locations in Canada. Please keep in mind that we are shipping from the USA and all orders need to clear customs. Please expect delivery in about 5-8 business days. (sometimes more, sometimes less). If you are really in a hurry for the product, we have no way to expedite or guarantee a firm delivery date.Please give yourself enough time. We have arranged to "pre-clear" electronically all our shipments with Canada Customs and it works extremely well

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